SuperHero Press is a publishing company dedicated to the improvement of our clients. This is a blend of both guidance for Self-Publishing, and SuperHero Coaching.

This exists nowhere else.

We use the first book we created as a guide to helping people become stronger, while at the same time helping them progress along the SuperHero road and eventually—if they choose to do so—publishing the book of their choice.

Once you truly commit to this journey, your life will ABSOLUTELY change—and that is something I will personally guarantee.



Facts as we know them:
  • There is a book...
  • It has changed lives.
  • You have a chance at adventure...
  • Today that chance can be had for free.
  • Because: AWESOME.
Inside, you know you are destined for more. We who believe are coming together, united for that future. We aim to see you excel. We know that you can fly. Your journey begins here. Welcome.
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